KoolMax Technology

KoolMax Technology is a revolutionary advancement in artificial turf, designed to counter one of the main drawbacks of synthetic grass - its tendency to absorb and retain heat. This innovative technology is especially relevant for Sacramento, where the warm climate can make outdoor surfaces uncomfortably hot. KoolMax Technology addresses this issue by incorporating heat-reflective properties into the turf blades, significantly reducing surface temperature and enhancing comfort for users.

The science behind KoolMax Technology involves the use of specialized pigments that reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. This unique feature allows turf equipped with KoolMax to remain up to 15 degrees cooler than conventional artificial grass. This is particularly advantageous during Sacramento's hot summers, as it ensures that residential lawns, public spaces, and sports fields stay comfortable and safe for use even on the hottest days.

Additionally, KoolMax Technology contributes to the sustainability of outdoor environments by reducing the need for water and maintenance typically associated with natural grass cooling methods like sprinkling. By choosing KoolMax Technology for your Sacramento property, you are not only opting for a cooler, more comfortable lawn but also investing in a product that is durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly. This makes KoolMax-equipped turf an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor spaces while addressing the unique climatic challenges of the Sacramento area.